Foshan jewelry and Xiangyun Silk appeared on world fair
2021-09-24 17:40
On September 23, the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Fair) opened at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. Foshan appeared on the Fair with the theme of “Town of Jewelry and Home for Xiangyun Silk (also called Gambiered Canton Gauze)”. By displaying Foshan jewelry and Xiangyun Silk culture and products in interactive and experiential forms, a cultural name card of Foshan is presented to the world.
The overall design of Foshan Pavilion is inspired by places covered with colorful Xiangyun Silk. In the core exhibition area, it mainly includes two sections, namely the history, development and innovation process of the national intangible cultural heritage Xiangyun Silk, and the introduction of the jewelry industry in Foshan.
The catwalk show attracted much attention at the Fair. As the music was played, the model came on the stage wearing exquisite and elegant clothes made from Xiangyun Silk, showing a charming scene on the spot.
In addition to Xiangyun Silk and jewelry, there are also exhibits such as Lunjiao cake, Longtian brand tortoise herbal jelly and local cultural and creative products, displaying Foshan culture to the visitors from multiple dimensions.
In the future, Foshan will introduce high-end jewelry industry resources and build an industrial cluster integrating design, digital-intelligence production, finance and cultural tourism, further promoting Foshan Xiangyun Silk culture by setting up exhibition center in Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities.
Visiting guide
Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Time: September 23-27,2021 ( 23-24 is open to professional audience, 25-27 is open to the public)
Tickets: book on WeChat official account of 文博会
Author | Eleanor
Revisor | Jessica
Photo | Liang Qiqing