Crispy Milk Curd: Stories and Secrets behind Shunde Delicacies
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Crispy Milk Curd is a world-famous snack from Daliang, Shunde. Many people would travel a long way to Shunde just for a taste. Carrying a fresh flavor of milk, it is crispy outside, and chewy inside. You just can’t resist a bite.


Crispy Milk Curd: birth and promotion



Crispy Milk Curd, also called fried fresh milk, is a famous Cantonese snack, which is unique in its color, flavor, and taste. It often serves as a classic after-meal dessert in Guangdong.


An outstanding chef in Shunde named Liu Wei created this snack in the mid-late 1970s when gained inspirations from fried milk and water chestnut cake. Now the snack has a history of more than 40 years.



Back then, Chef Liu mixed buffalo milk with cornstarch and white sugar and put it into a steamer. After cooling down a while, he cut it into chunks and covered them with crispy paste. Lastly, he fried them in boiling oil one by one until they turned golden.



At first, each chunk was just as large as a domino and it became longer. As the taste of Shunde people kept evolving, deep-fried paste also evolved as well, in terms of thickness and ingredients.


Crispy Milk Curd: buffalo milk in different textures



Plus, the snack is also called "Daliang Crispy Milk Curd" - in fact there was a close historical connection between the snack and Da Liang, Shunde.



Daliang used to be the nickname for Shunde District, and it is now a community in Shunde. Locally, the area had a prosperous breeding industry for raising buffaloes. The buffalo milk here has high concentration and rich milk flavor.


With amazing skills from Shunde chefs, the fresh and pure buffalo milk shaped into various textures.


Ginger Crispy Milk Curd: mix and create 



Another inventive cook called He Dingwen took some of this inspiration and made a new snack – added ginger juice to milk and kneaded it into a dough. Filled in some milk and fried it. It tasted all good and now has become a delicacy.



At the 2016 Guangzhou Food Festival, Chef He took the "Ginger Juice Crispy Milk Roll" on the contest and won the rank of " Gold Award of Lingnan Special Dish".



It tastes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, which perfectly combined two different unrelated tastes. One can tell the wisdom of all these chefs in Shunde.


From the adaptation from “Crispy Milk Curd” to “Ginger Crispy Milk Curd”, it is obvious that Shunde people have made continuous explorations for good tastes.


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