Fresh seafood in Sanshui hits the market
Foshan China 2021-07-13 14:36

The fishing season has finally begun in Sanshui District, Foshan after a four-month ban. Excitedly, tons of fresh seafood are served for visitors!



  An opening ceremony held for Sanshui fresh seafood


Sanshui Fishing Season & Seafood Festival 2021 was kicked off on July 10th, followed by a series of interesting activities. Follow our steps and take a look!



The auction for the "first fish"


The auction ceremony for the “first fish” is one of the most eye-catching activities. Reportedly, an enterprise eventually won the fish at 13,800 yuan, which will be donated to charity. 


Polish the image of Sanshui as a paradise of seafood


Sanshui is home to numerous fresh seafood, and therefore food is believed to go a long way towards the promotion of the image of Sanshui District among the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. For that matter, Lubao Town invested over 9 million yuan on the construction of 350-meter-long Lubao Seafood Street, which covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters.



  Steamed prawns

A complete map for Sanshui seafood


With the newly-published map for Sanshui seafood in hand, on which the specific information of all restaurants on the street is provided, including address, contact number and specialty dish, visitors are more accessible to seafood they crave for tryout.



  Offical map to discover seafood in Sanshui


Among them, Jiayu fish (termed as "Ptychidio jordani Myers") is known as the top 10. Legend has it that this kind of fish was discovered by an imperial cook during the inspection tour of Emperor Jiaqing (1760-1820) in Sanshui. Since nobody knew its name, the emperor gave the name of Jiayu. From then on, Jiayu fish was known to everyone and it would be served on banquet by the rich.



  Steamed Jiayu fish


Except for all kinds of fish, the river prawn is also an attraction to visitors. Living in the crack of stones in rushing rivers, these prawns have to hold themselves in position by a clamp so that the meatt is chewy.



  Steamed prawns


Fish soup and sauted Beijiang Clam are irresistibly delicious.



  West River Clam



  Lindao fish soup


A concert dedicated to Sanshui 

As the night fell, classic songs with the theme of river echoed in the night sky. The concert held nearby Lubao Watergate on Beijiang Dike presented the charm of Sanshui.






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