60 Foshan ceramics masterpieces showcase great artistry at CACE
Foshan China 2021-07-16 17:32

On July 14th, Foshan Copyright Protection Society has put high on agenda submitting 60 ceramics works from Shiwan Town to be copyrighted. When approved by Guangdong Copyright Administration, these art pieces will be issued "Certificates of Registration" in place of "Introductory Label" previously used as a sign of copyright.


Red Boat (《红船》) (Liu Guoxiang)


Since its inauguration, China Arts and Crafts EXPO (CACE) has been well-received among enterprises, artists and the general public. Each year, the event attracts tons of arts and crafts suppliers from home and abroad. In May, Copyright Administration of both Foshan and Chancheng District and Foshan Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports have teamed up with local industrial associations in soliciting amazing ceramic artworks from Shiwan Town. In a theme of "Centennial Reflection on Shiwan Ceramic Art", 60 selected masterpieces have appeared on CACE this May.


  The Sea (《观沧海》) (Wu Juqiang)


These works have demonstrated a high level of craftsmanshipfrom Foshan artists, including Liu Zemian, Liu Bing, Liao Hongbiao, Pan Bailin, Zhong Rurong, Feng Weimin and Huang Zhiwei, after their high-profile appearance on 2020 China (Beijing) International Fine Ceramics Exhibition.


During CACE this year, Foshan broke new grounds by issuing "Certificates of Registration" rather than "Introductory Label", a move to safeguard copyright of each artwork and thus curb counterfeit goods. Overall, it is a win-win solution for artists, collectors and marketers.


  Ode to Elegance (《风雅颂》) Fan Anqi


At present, quite a few Foshan ceramic artists has submitted their works to be copyrighted. For the general, a maximum of 50 works can be handed in for copyright protection.As for inheritors of national non-intangible heritages and national-level ceramic masters, theres no limit for submission.  


As a city home to numerous amazing arts and crafts, Foshan has always been committed to the creation, protection, application and management of copyright. Ceramics works from Shiwan Town have always been on the list. By giving each artworks an "ID", Foshan will soon witness a bigger flush of creativity.


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