Yummy! 108 popular dishes unveiled in Foshan
2021-05-21 17:50
On May 19th, on the occasion of China Tourism Day, the second 5·19 Tourism Consumption Campaign and “Foshan Flavor” Conference themed on “Taste Lingnan Flavor in Foshan” (“岭南味 佛山品”) were held at Wangjiao Yucun, a local resturant in Nanhai District.  
Outstanding culinary skills shown in a feast with 108 delicacies
These 108 delicacies, including 69 dishes, 9 soups and 30 dim sums, have been selected to represent Foshan food culture, after close scrutiny.
Among these 108 dishes, the most well-known ones include Zhuhou Chicken, Boneless Carp and Junan Steamed Pork. More importantly, dishes that almost failed to handed down, such as Daliang Chicken Roll and Braised Goose Web with Tangerine Peel, have appeared on the list. Other dishes are tasty as well - Lunjiao Cake, a snack listed as intangible cultural heritage and local special as Fengwei Cured Fish, Iced Raw Dading Bitter Melon and Lishui Bawang Duck. 
Model restaurants to help improve catering industry
To promote the new IP of “Foshan Feast” ("佛味全席") to a larger extent, 12 restaurants were awarded the title of "Featured Restaurant, Foshan Feast" ("佛味全席"特色餐饮名店).
The list is as follows:
Reportedly, Foshan will continue to explore and share its culinary culture. With an aspiration to promote its local delicacies and local chefs, Foshan is planning to publish an photo album named The Foshan Feast, prepare a food map and advertise seasonal food, like seafood feast, bamboo shoot feast and bitter melon feast. In those certified restaurants, citizens and visions can taste all 108 dishes in one stop.
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