​Sweet, juicy Nanhai watermelon hits the market!
Foshan China 2021-07-05 09:08
As summer has arrived, a large load of watermelons in Nanhai, Foshan hit the market, with an average price of 5-10 yuan per kilogram. One of the best watermelon varieties in Nanhai are listed as follows. Come and pick one!



Watermelons in Wuwu Village

Planting area of watermelon in Wuwu Village, Shishan Town has reached 300,000 square meters this year, with an estimated output of around 580 tons.




When taking a walk here, one will definitely be impressed by an extensive watermelon field, which is just like a nicely-knitted, green carpet, dotted with mellow watermelons.


Xiaobao watermelons, featuring thin skin, few seeds and fresh sweetness, is one of the most popular varieties here.



Watermelons in Yonghe Village


Different from common watermelons that grow on the ground, watermelons in this village grow 1.2 meters above the field, like green light bulbs hanging on vines.



Due to the unqiue plantation pattern, they are able to be totally exposed to sunshine and therefore, sugar is evenly distributed.


Watermelons in Shijie Village


Shijie village has grown watermelons for over 300 years.


Watermelons here can be divided into several varieties in terms of pulp color: red and yellow. Now in harvest season when many watermelons of granular texture and sweet taste are waiting for pick-up, many visitors living nearby throng to this village.



Tips for better taste

To get a better taste, it is recommended that you should soak the watermelon in cold water for a while or put into the fridge for about 3 hours.



Tips for pick-up

1. Deep color of the rind

2. White powder on the surface of rind

3. Deep, sonorous sound from tapping the watermelon



Use of watermelon rinds 

1. Sun-dried ones boiled in soup is of high medical value.

2. Rinds pickled with vinegar and salt is a dish



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