Congee with lean pork, liver and kidney
Foshan China 2020-03-06 17:28
Congee with lean pork, liver and kidney, also called Jidi Congee, originated from Foshan in the MingDynasty (1368-1644), is one of the traditional local dishes in Guangdong Province. The congee is cooked with pork lean meatballs, liver slices, and chitlings, which is pretty delicious and fragrant.


There are many versions about its name. One said that "Jidi", the first place in the national exam in ancient China, was related to LunWenxu, a Foshan genius in Ming Dynasty. According to legend, Lun ’s family was very poor when he was young. Before gaining fame, he was often served with homemade congee by the owner of the congee shop next door. Later, Lun entitled the nameless congee "Jidi" and wrote a plaque with gratitude to the shop owner. The name "Jidi Congee" spread throughout Guangzhou soon afterwards.