Congee Hot Pot: milky white and intoxicating
Foshan China 2020-09-09 16:56

Foshan people are ‘addicted’ to congee, and even turn congee into the base of a hot pot, so that you can have congee for lunch and dinner.



Congee Hot Pot has a long history in Shunde. Special fragrant rice, the ingredient of the milky white congee, is gently beaten into two or three pieces, then mixed with oil and salt, marinated for a while, and then boiled in a large clay pot. When a pot of congee is boiled until the water and rice are blended, it will turn into the congee water, which is the essence of the congee. Take a sip, sweet and soft, as smooth as soup, thick and white, and even fragrant.



How to have the congee? There are three ways: enjoy the most attractive and fresh taste after the congee is boiled with seafood; for diners who want a richer taste, add some meat before boiling; however, more people add choy sum and boil for two minutes after all the meat has been rinsed, which tasted the best.