Artworks from 22 masterminds exhibited in Qiandeng Lake
Foshan China 2022-01-18 09:16

On January 16th, the 2nd Public Art Exhibition in Nanhai (hereinafter referred to as “the Art Exhibition”) was rolled out at Huoshui Park, Qiandeng Lake in Guicheng, presenting an artistic celebration for this land of happiness.



The Art Exhibition follows the theme of "Views in Co-Existence", featuring 22 large-scale public art works from 25 amazing artists of all ages home and abroad (such as Antti Laitinen, Cui Yi, and Duan Junhao).



Huoshui Park, Qiandeng Lake, where the exhibition is located, is a new city landmark in Foshan that has built harmonious co-existence between human and nature. All the art works can be found right in this place of leisure.



Work by Cui Yi


In the work by Cui Yi, you can enjoy visuals like dragon boats and paper-cuts tangled up with steel bars left over during urban renovation.


With "Golden Age" (《黄金年代》), Duan Junhao made artistic exploration with recycled aluminum, depicting Nanhai with an inclusive and enterprising spirit. Some other works tells stories of our present time.


"Strike!" (《击!》) by Wuyi Studio is embedded with an interactive device. If tapped on, the device will trigger an array of laser as a way to combat the ongoing virus.



The exhibition will last until April 16, 2022 (3 months) for free. Dont wait up.


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