"Moonlit Nights in Lishui" opens
Foshan China 2022-01-24 09:49

On Jan. 21, mixing traditional and contemporary elements, "Moonlit Nights in Lishui" presents a Spring Festival feast of Lingnan style!



Tips: Reservation can only be made inside the park. You can make your reservation by subscribing “梦里水乡” wechat account.




All kinds of decorations and lightning devices are ready on the day before the opening.


According to the plan, the theme of this years "Moonlit Nights in Lishui" is "past, present, future". Qingnong Bridge, with its traditional decorations, is the knockout.


One can have a taste of Lishuis grace by buying flowers on the bridge, a must-do of this event.


Speaking of traditions, one cannot miss out the flower lanterns.



All stands in the Contemporary Block have ground-breaking styles, mixing potent lion heads with delicate flowers. Here, the youth rules everything.


Future Block, “the flower space”, features a romantic vibe created by disco balls and light strings. Come here with your friends and have a good night in the sea of flowers!




You can watch water shows and enjoy dim sum. Best viewing seats are set along the river, including the unique dragon boat seats, for citizens to enjoy their tea and dim sum while watching the splendid water show at night.


Mystery boxes and flowers



There are giant walls of mystery boxes of flowers on the “Moonlit Nights in Lishui” fair. Citizens can choose to open whichever mystery boxes to bring good luck home. Red packet, couplets, even limited-edition bottles and snack bouquets are waiting for their lucky owners.



Flowers are needed to welcome the Spring Festival. You can not only buy flowers on the fair, but also get them through ring toss!


Share your notes on Xiaohongshu




From January 21st to 7 p.m. of January 26th, whoever goes to the “Moonlit Nights in Lishui” and shares his or her notes on Xiaohongshu with the hashtag #2022年梦里水乡花月夜#, may win a set of 8 New Year limited-edition red packets and a New Year limited-edition “touring Lishui” calendar.


The Qingnong Bridge ice cream is ready


Do not forget to try the foods on the fair while you are enjoying the beautiful sceneries. After the release of the Zhanqi Tower ice cream, Lishui now launches the Qingnong Bridge ice cream. Go and find “the other half” for your ice cream on the bridge!



From January 21st to January 30th, "Moonlit Nights in Lishui" is expecting you.


How to make a reservation of 2022 "Moonlit Nights in Lishui"?


1. Open the mini program of Travel Card. Take a screenshot of your Travel Card.


2. Get into the homepage of Lishui. Then get into the page that reads【花月夜】(Moonlit Nights)——【梦里水乡花月夜】(Moonlit Nights in Lishui), and click on “我要预订” (Reservation).


3. Get into the reservation page and choose the number of participants (5 at most, reservations are needed for children), dates, time. Click on “立即预约”(Make the reservation now).


4. Fill your real name, phone number, verification code, ID number.


5.  Upload the screenshot you take in step 1 (One screenshot for each. No need for children or over 60-year-old elders who do not have Travel Cards.)


6. Confirm your reservation information.


7. Wait in line and enter the resort after the staff verifies your code. (Cancel after verification can only be done 30 minutes before the reserved time.)


How to verify your reservation information?


1. Open WeChat “Scan” to scan the QR code at the spot.

2. Wait in line for your turn to get into the resort. Please keep 1 meter away from the tourists in front of you.

3. Show the staff your reservation information.

4. Scan the QR code in the resort. (Only green-code visitors are allowed to get in).

5. On-the-spot temperature testing (Only those whose temperature is lower than 37.3℃ can enter the resort.)


What you should know about the reservation?


1. “Moonlit Nights in Lishui” is open from January 21st to January 30th from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

2. Free reservation.

3. Every account can make a reservation of 5 tickets. Everyone, including children of all ages, need a ticket. Name and ID number should be correct.

4. You can make your reservation a day before the day you want to visit the resort. The platform is open at 6 p.m.

5. Tickets are expired once you leave the resort. So, you need to make a new reservation if you want to go into the resort again. Multiple reservations can be made per day.

6. You cannot take a screenshot of the reservation information. You can find that information in the mini program of Lishui. Steps: clicking on your avatar – find “游玩订单” (my order).

7. Please cancel your reservation an hour before the time you made your reservation if you need to.


From January 21st to January 30th, see you at “Moonlit Nights in Lishui”!


Author | Natalie (Intern)

Revisor | Jersey