CBA All-Star Weekend coming this March in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-02-11 09:57

The 2022 CBA All-Star Weekend will be staged from March 25 to March 27 at Foshan GBA International Sports and Cultural Center. Audience are free to vote online for the first-game lineup starting from February 10. 10 players will stand out from the north and the south region. 



Stepping into Foshan this year, All-Star Weekend features one of the most iconic local elements - lion dance and dragon dance, two cultural images that will be represented by the two groups, the North and the South. 


This time around, CBA will also join in a partnership for "My Basketball Master", an award saluting to those dedicated to Chinese basketball, a rising cause in the country. 


Foshan GBA International Sports and Cultural Center 


For fans, another exciting event added to this year would definitely be the Fan Campaign, where exhibitions and interactive games will be in place. The whole process will follow the pandemic control policies.  


More detailed information about 2022 CBA All-Star Weekend will be released on the official platform of the CBA, the Weibo of Publicity Department of Shunde District(顺德区委宣传部), and the Wechat of Shunde Release(顺德发布) and Shunde Culture, Television, Tourism and Sports(顺德文广旅体).  




As one of the most influential sports events in China, CBA will definitely bring more popularity to Shunde, Foshan. 


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