IOC President wowed by Shunde-powered intelligent canteen
Foshan China 2022-02-15 09:37

Highlighted most recently, the intelligent canteen set in the Main Media Centre of Beijing Winter Olympics has become an internationally popular.


The canteen is constructed and operated by Qianxi Robotic Group from Shunde. On 9th February, Bach, president of IOC paid a visit to the intelligent canteen, praising the special technology of serving food from the top.



During Bachs visit at this tech-based canteen, he tried out some original Chinese dishes like Peking Roast Duck and dumpling with his fellows from OBS senior management team. Wowed by the technical and culinary experience, he gave a thumb-up to the place at the spot.



The intelligent canteen uses technology to cook Chinese and foreign food and provide intelligent, efficient and safe food delivery service, showing China’s comprehensive science and technology strength to all people.


Click here to know more about the Intelligent Canteen.


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