31,000 made-in-Foshan robots sold in 2021
Foshan China 2022-03-02 09:29

On February 28th, an annual general meeting was held for Foshan Digital Factory Construction and Development Forum and Foshan Robotics Association. As concluded at the conference, Foshan has seen a rising robotics industry last year and registered 31,000 robot sales in the global market. That accounts for about 9% of the total robot exports in China. 



Figure showed that a massive digital market is surfacing now in China. Take 2020 for an example, China has topped 100 trillion yuan in GDP, whereas digital economy took up a share of 38.58%, 72.69% up from 2016. Grasping the trend of digitalization, enterprises are expected to see growth in industrial output and profit rate. 




Some of the biggest robot manufacturers in Foshan shared their experience in building digital factories, such as Sanyang Technology, Sunwill and Huibo Robotics. Guangzhou Bank (Foshan Branch) also elaborated on financial support that enterprises might need during digital and intelligent upgrading. 



Analyzed by Qin Lei, General Manager of Huibo Robotics, local robotic manufacturers in Foshan are still growing in scale and size. Thus, the market potentials are huge. "At Huibo, no matter what size of the projects we work on, we are not standing alone. Our clients have varied needs, so we partner up with different teams to develop new frontiers." 


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