Feel the charm of unique artistic culture in this exhibition
Foshan China 2021-10-25 09:32

One more blast of cold air is coming, while it could not stop our eager of traveling. How about going to the exhibition? It’s warm and fun.


At the moment, the 3rd Contemporary China (Foshan) Picture Book Illustration Exhibition is on display in the exhibition hall on the second floor of Foshan Library.



The exhibition focuses on themes such as "Chnese elements" and “Fighting against COVID-19”, featuring about 400 excellent works from all over the country. There are also realistic and bizarre imaginative works. You can see either the masterpieces of the older generation of artists, or the fine works of up-and-coming artists.


Let’s have a look!


Chinese elements: for classic stories


Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, six zodiac animals fly to you on the auspicious clouds and lead you to the entrance of mythological world.


Zodiac, by illustrator Shen Chen. The shapes of the mythical creatures are vivid and fascinating. 



The artwork of Yang Quan depicts a series of images such as Tang Seng, Wukong and Eight Quit. The splendid color matching makes people fall into the story in a second. 


The God of Spring of Meng Xianlong is from The Book of Mountains and Seas. You can always be shocked by the illustrators rich imagination. 


Dawn on the outer road, by Chen Jianye、 


Victory, by Shen Chen 


Culture of Lingnan: 
Showing charming Foshan


As soon as you step out of the world of fairy tales, turn around and you’ll meet two adorable lions. The Dancing Lion’ Spirit is the work of illustrator Meng Xianlong. The rich details release the energy of Foshans dragon-lion culture.



Lion Dance, Ancestral Temple and Cantonese Opera are everywhere in the exhibition.



Anti-epidemic: honoring heroes


The fight against COVID-19 is one of the key themes of the exhibition. Strong colors and representative characters are used to express people’s confidence in the victory of the fight.


Victory, by Shen Chen. The illustrator shows the strong unity and determination of Chinese people to fight against the epidemic. 


Monument, by Xiao Zhuangyue 


In addition to realistic works, the exhibition also features diversified illustrations depicting Chinas fight against COVID-19 with cute and interesting strokes.


The manga work Come on! Hot-dry Noodles by Chen Xiaotao brought warmth to the country while we were in the midst of the epidemic.  


Marine environmental protection: 
showing blushes’ touch


The illustration exhibition also focuses on marine environmental protection, using the language of art to arouse peoples awareness of environmental protection.



As an important form of visual communication, picture books have been widely used in many fields of modern design for its visual imagery, vivid sense of life and appeal of beauty.


The 3rd Contemporary China (Foshan) Picture Book Illustration Exhibition is a national art event organized by Foshan social organizations, showing the charm of Foshan culture, so that the public can experience the unique artistic value and cultural connotation of illustration.



Exhibition guidance 


Name: The 3rd Contemporary China (Foshan) Picture Book Illustration Exhibition

Location: Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor, Foshan Library

Ticket: Freee 


Author | Wingwing (intern)

Revisor | Eleanor, Jessica