Photo Foshan 2021 to be staged
Foshan China 2021-11-17 09:49

Last year, Photo Foshan 2020 held at the Asian Art Park was a massive success, with photographic works like "Foshan Street in 1933" (《1933年佛山马路》) and "Aerial Shoot of Foshan from Last Century" (《航拍上世纪的佛山》) bringing back a vibe of nostalgia among locals in Foshan.



 "Foshan Street in 1933" (《1933年佛山马路》) provided by Zhou Junrong


This December, one more outdoor location will be booked for the event, namely Qiandeng Lake Park, in addition to its main venue Asian Art Park. The exhibition will gather up visuals in the cause of time, allowing the audience to commemorate Foshan as it progressed.


Photo Foshan 2021 features three subject matters - "Hello Foshan! Hello Life!" (“你好佛山!你好生活!”), "Battle Against Pandemic 2021" (“抗疫2021”) and "Foshan in Memory" (“记忆中的佛山”).


Photo Foshan 2021 will be renewed with one more highlight - "Dialogue with Famous Artists", a face-to-face session where noted photographers share their thoughts and experiences with the audience.



Logo: Photo Foshan 2021


Since solicitations started in October, Photo Foshan 2021 has gained traction among local photographers, receiving record-breaking 1,0847 works from 210 submissions within just 20 days.


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