Feast of arts presented with Ballet Gala Show
Foshan China 2022-03-21 09:37

On March 16th, the National Ballet of China has put on a spectacular show Ballet Gala Boutique Show, which features a repertoire of famous ballets from across the world. 



Instead of a full-script rendition, Ballet Gala, developed in modern time, use different cuts from classical ballets. With one ticket, viewers are up for a diverse visual experience, as tons of elements, such as dancing styles, personae and symphony are served on set. 


Ballet was born in Italy, further developed in France, and prevailed in Russia.  As a mirror to socio-economic dynamics in Russia  the Red Depachment Of Women, complemented by artistic influences from other schools, debuted in 1964 and had been taken on stage over 4,000 times all over the world.  


Apart from some of the timeless classics, Ballet Gala Boutique Show also includes ballets narrating the Chinese stories. There is a rendition that tell insightful stories from the Wenchuan earthquake back in 2008.  


Author | Eddie 

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