Those are "Made in Foshan" ?!
Foshan China 2022-03-29 09:21

From couch, refrigerators, to all kinds of industrial machinery, a bunch of "Made in Foshan" products are exported to the rest of the world. "Made in Foshan" has become one of "Made in China"  representatives.


King of the Construction Machinery – Shield Tunneling Machine


Shield tunneling machine is a high-end machinery combined with multiple areas in technology. In terms of its construction efficiency, it can complete one minor tunnel in 5 months, which is equivalent to the work done by 1000 workers in 5 years using the traditional blasting method. In recent years, we have finally overcome technical difficulties and reached the top in the world.



Located in Foshan, Chine Railway Tunnel Production Base specializes in the production of shield tunneling machines, with an annual production of 50 units and an output value of 3 billion yuan.



"Mawan" is the first giant shield tunneling machine produced in Foshan, with a diameter of 15.53 meters. It is currently used in the construction of Mawan Cross-ocean Tunnel in Shenzhen.


Heart of Computerized Numerical Control Machines – Servo Motor


Servo Motor is the heart of computerized numerical control machines (hereinafter referred to as "CNC machines"). As the precision of CNC machines increases, servo motors need to be smaller in size while greater in output power. Additionally, servo motors are vastly used in the power system of industrial robots to enable flexibility and precision.



Golden Age is the leading company in the production of servo motors, known for their performance, and variety in both size and usage. As their watt density achieves 3.906mW per cubic meter, they are recognized as “Small size with great power”.


Iron Rod in the Sea – Wind Turbine Installation Vessel


A wind turbine installation vessel is used to accurately install wind turbines to the pre-set location of the seabed with an error of less than 2 millimeters.



Designed and assembled by Guangdong KEEN Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd, “Hai Long Xing Ye Hao” is the most advanced wind turbine installation vessel in China, with the greatest capacity in deepwater operation, hoisting capacity, wind resistance, and current resistance.



Foundation in the Manufacturing Industry – Injection Molding Machine


At the beginning of this year, a milestone machine made by YIZUMI has been unveiled. It was the record-breaking 8500-ton ultra-large two-platen injection molding machine. The injection molding machine is for manufacturing plastic products by the injection molding process. Before, the key technology in the production of the injection molding machine was confidential to us.



This one, with 27 meters in length and over 6 meters in height, covers an area of 251 square meters, which means that it is even larger than three badminton courts.


Every super-project listed is inherently made in Foshan. Within the blood, manufacturing is what Foshan stands for. Let’s wait and see further achievements of Foshan manufacturing industries.


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