Foshan tech tycoon innovates platforms for pandemic management
Foshan China 2022-04-14 09:24

To fight against the pandemic, Foshan Technology companies have made their efforts on this battlefield. Recently, citizens can present their health code, NAT result, and vaccination record by either facial recognition, ID cards, or presenting Yuekang Code (also called Guangdong Health Code, “GHC”). It benefits from the application of the “Digital Guard of Yuekang Code”, which is invented by Guangdong Digital Government Operational Center (hereinafter referred as to “Digital Guangdong Company”) and Guangdong Telpo Information Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as to “Telpo Ltd”).  




To make things easier – three ways to show your "health code" 


On April 6th, Foshan Administrative Service Center introduced the “Digital Guard of Yuekang Code”, which implements better controls for visitors and improves the checking efficiency. This equipment has utilized multiple digital intelligent technologies including 5G, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc. This has significantly increased the checking accuracy. Additionally, it is super beneficial to citizens without mobile phones. 



To seize growth opportunties in pandemic prevention 


Implanted with an automation program, the facility detects abnormal situations and set the alarm for upper departments. It has now been applied in many places in China, like 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games early this year. Coming up it will be introduced to administrative centers, industrial parks, stations, and airports in cities including Guangzhou and Foshan.


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