Chinas largest aluminum extrusion production line came in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-04-21 09:18

On April 19th, the first 20000T aluminum extrusion production line was put into production in Sanshui production base of Fenglu Aluminum Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as to “Fenglu Aluminum”), which represents Foshan has advanced further in “High-end intelligent manufacturing”.   




As the largest aluminum extrusion production line in China, it is capable to process aluminum profiles with a maximal cross-section of 1000*400mm and an external diameter of 700mm. The introduction of this product line will improve the integrated molding technology and intensify the utilization rate of aluminum profiles. Hence, those lightweight and high-precision aluminum profiles are vastly used in multiple areas like 5G communication, photovoltaic projects, aerospace, transportation, etc.   



Commented by Wanli, the technical manager of Fenglu Aluminum, this product line can integrally mold the body structure of high-speed trains, hence, improving the overall strength and performance.  



Liu Jingan, a metal extrusion and molding expert in China, believes that Fenglu Aluminum would become one essential partner of the Chinese Aerospace industry and significantly increase the competitiveness of Chinese aluminum enterprises in the foreign market of high-end aluminum profiles.  


Overall, Fenglu has built a fully aluminum extrusion production line, including 10000T, 12500T, and 20000T, which will contribute more power to the high-end manufacturing industry, both in China and the world.  


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