Really? Needles can cure diseases?|Laowai Wonder Why⑥
Foshan China 2022-05-23 10:02

Do you know what Foshan people will do when they get minor ailments? Yes, a bowl of soup and a cup of herbal tea could help them a lot. And acupunture actually for the local is an effective treatment.


As of 2021, data shows that 1/3 global population have tried TCM treatment and 113 countires are using acupuncture. China is using Covid-19 to treat Covid-19.


You may still have a lot of doubts - does it really work? What kind of diseases can it cure? Why can a needle cure diseases? How have Foshan people become big fans of acupuncture? What does it feel like when a needle is stuck in ones body?


Lets find out the answer with Ruben and Lisa together!