Shunde Huanglian sacrificial ceremony included as provincial ICH
Foshan China 2022-05-24 09:16

On May 22nd, as the only one representative of Shunde folk-custom, Huanglian sacrificial ceremony was listed on 8th Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage.



It is believed that Cangjie and Jusong were the creators of Chinese characters. Huanglian sacrificial ceremony is held annually to commemorate their contribution, consisting of worship, temple fair, first writing ceremony and rewarding.


Over the years, Huangliang community has made extensive effort in protecting and promoting this folk-custom, including the establishment of protection groups, investment in temple refurbishment and media promotion, etc.



The local government aims to present this unique custom to citizens via different ways, eventually prompting the traditional culture.


Author | Eddie 

Revisor | Ivy, Eleanor