Raining all the time? It is the signal of Dragon Boat Festival
Foshan China 2022-06-01 17:52

As Dragon Boat Festival approaches, tons of events are on their way.


Racing, feast …


Lets explore this classic tradition.



Drums beats and flags wave.


It is time to unleash the sleeping dragon.



Firecrackers scream and gongs shake.


It is the first dragon boat built this summer in Shunde.





Sparkling like stars, it is ready for its first race.



Ready? Race!


Here is the whistle from 5 people dragon boat racing in Chencun Wenhai River Dragon Boat Park.



Besides racing, dragon boat feast is another folk custom.


Its receipt is made of green bean, pork, squid, mushroom, shrimp, egg, and rice. As all ingredients are mixing together, it encourages teammates to pull together to win the race.



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