Unique dragon boat activities to enjoy in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-06-02 09:20

The Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwu, is just around the corner. The 2000-year holiday, which falls on June 3rd this year, is generally celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. 


I bet you well know that making Zongzi and joining dragon boat racing are two major activities of this festival, but what else traditions unique in five districts of Foshan? Lets take a look!  


Chancheng District - dragon boat pageant 


Different from other villages, Dajiang Village holds a sensational dragon boat pageant every year. All the dragon boats in rich decoration sail out of the river one by one. The more ornate one receives more rousing ovation. Reportedly, the village is home to 300-year-old dragon boat. Tradition of Dragon Boat in Dajiang Village in 2015 has been listed as Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage. 



Nanhai District - "waking up the asleep dragon" 


Before the day comes, locals in Yanbu village, Dali Town select an auspicious day to wake the “dragon” up. All villagers worked together to pull out water hyacinth in the river, bail water out of the boat, clean away sludge on it and tug the dragon boat out. Tucked away inside the antique village is a 590-year dragon boat, which is deemed as the oldest one across China.    



Shunde District - dragon boat feast 


Dragon boat feast, namely, is a dinner party held for the dragon boat racing. As first, dragon boat feast was served as a reward for all who joined the racing. Now, all the villagers and guests are welcomed to the gathering, which they cherish as a valuable chance to build a tighter bond with one and another. 



Gaoming District - hanging mugwort 


Mugwort is a herb that can be used for preventing bacteria and virus. During the festival, Gaoming locals love to hang it on the incense burner and door, because they believe that aromatic herb drives away evilness and brings in auspiciousness. 



Sanshui District - tying five-color thread 


To help get rid of both poisonous pests and bad luck for their children, people in Nanshan Town smear some realgar wine (a Chinese alcoholic drink) on kids’ forehead, feet and neck. And at the early morning of the festival, they tie tying five-color thread on kids’ wrist as a wish for good luck. 




Come and have a wonderful Dragon Boat Festival in Foshan! 


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