China in My Eyes: Smart Life [Short Video Contest]
Foshan China 2022-06-10 18:08

In recent years, Foshan has experienced a rapid growth in technology. We would like to hear from you, the stories between technology and foreigners living in Foshan. Share your ideas and lovely moments with us, you may be the destined one to claim the prize.



The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries



The Provincial People’s Associations for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Kuaishou (快手)



Shared Future



June to August: open for submission and voting

September: selection and awarding ceremony


Contestant qualification

Non-Chinese, without limit to age



a. Submission platform: 快手 App, with the tag “#智慧生活在中国” necessary, which is regarded as your consent to participation. Submission deadline is August 31, 2022.


b. Content: The video shall be original, objectively reflecting Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, visual reality and other digital technologies application in peoples daily life in China, including clothing, food, housing, transportation, work and study, entertainment, manufacturing and covid-19 pandemic prevention and control and so on. It shall not comment on religion, politics, or violate local regulations, laws or custom. Commercial advertisement is not allowed in the video.


c. Technical Standard: no longer than 3 minutes. Film needs to be sharp and clear, synchronizing with sound.


d. If content of other authors videos is used in your submitted videos, source and consent of the original author need to be given and noted. Contest organizer shall not be held responsible for all the consequences arising from submitted videos because of disputes over portraiture right, reputation, privacy, copyright or trademark among others. Organizer also reserves the right of canceling the video’s qualification and retrieving their prizes.


e. The organizer have the right to use selected videos copyright and edit with the author’s consent. It can publicize submitted videos in any form. Submission of videos shall be regarded as the author’s consent to the organizer’s usage of his/her videos.



Based on online popularity on 快手 App, one Outstanding Prize, two First Prizes, 5 Second Prizes and 10 Third Prizes as well as Honorable Mention prizes will be given to submitted videos according to their theme expression, originality and emotional appeal. Invited online influencers will also be awarded with Influential Prize.


Awarded videos will be exhibited offline and be issued with a certificate by the Organizer. Awarded authors will receive priority invitations to related cultural events held by the Organizer.