When Dragon Boat drifting meets light art
Foshan China 2022-06-17 10:22

Dragon boat racing is a hundred-year sport to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. Diejiao in Foshan even started dragon boat drifting 500 years ago. Over the past few years, the tradition has been renewed in multiple ways.

When Dragon boat racing meets light art, a new fashion is ignited. The project, hosted by Chinese Longzhou Association, Weiwei and his team, aims to introduce the culture through lighting.

Dragon boat team from Shunde Polytechnic was invited for the shooting. The dragon boat, decorated with dazzling lights, dashed forward the waterway at night.

Introduced by Hu Chuhui, one of the teammates, dragon boat racing is a sport with excitement and passion. It can be a new fashion to arouse the interest among young people.


“Thanks to the hard work we paid in daily training and the unity of the whole, we offered an excellent show”, Hu said.


More importantly, from this campaign, it can be seen that the younger generation has shouldered the responsibility of spreading traditional Chinese culture.



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