Lacquer art highlighted in Baini Town, Sanshui
Foshan China 2022-07-01 11:22


For centuries, Baini Town along the Xijiang River is best known for its lacquer art. Follow Jersey and Farah on an unforgetable journey to see trends in culture & creativity in the time-honored Baini Town, Sanshui.


During the trip, Chinas Lacquer Arts Cultural and Creative Village is definitely a place where tourists explore this traditional magical art. With good scenery and antique vibe around, many art masters came here to set up their own studios.


On top of the unique Chinas Lacquer Arts Cultural and Creative Village, this area is also home to Lacquer Design Studio, Shade Room, Polishing Room and Clean Room. It covers a total construction area of 3,200 square meters.


Most recently, Baini Creative Granary has gathered up some exhibits from Master Qiao Shiguang. Built in 1952, the place used to be granaries in the past, where all the grained were stored. As their important historic roles ended, they were all renovated into an museum. It kept feeding up people spiritually.


More of the highlights on the trip would be the antique side to Baini Town. Juxian Tower is located along the Xijiang River, the north of Cunxian Avenue in Shawei Village, Baini Town. Climb up to the top, and you get to see the overview of Xijiang River, and feel the profound history of Baini Town, a place gathering talents for generations.


Video produced by @foshanstyle