Niche sports Frisbee popular in Shunde Foshan
Foshan China 2022-07-06 10:42

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night would mean the world for Chen Jiehui, a Frisbee enthusiast in Shunde, Foshan. Regularly, he puts together a session where dozens of young people come and the number of the group is still growing. "It is a sport of passion. Its catching up in Shunde. Something that young people enjoy these days."



On June 23, up to 80 people gathered on the football field at Midea Sports Plaza. Everything was actively involved in the sports, with some beginners learning all the basic tricks. Those "veterans" showed some intensity in a contest with frisbee flipped up and down. "Its easy to start. It brings people together. We recruit new memeber each time were here." Chen said.



Out of passion for this new sport, in fact, Chen is actually the founder of M.A.P Club. The club now consists of 3 communities, with nearly 2,000 members in total. So far, the club has held more than 30 Frisbee games and more than 10 Frisbee team building campaigns.



Chen pointed out the sport gained popularity among younger generations, largely thanks to its diverse nature. There are extreme Frisbee, leisure Frisbee, avoidance Frisbee, Frisbee golf and a lot more. Players discover something new about the sport each time and develop their own athletic qualities.


Chen pointed out, Frisbee clubs have recently sprung up all over in Shunde. Roughly, Shunde is now home to 10 frisbee clubs, up and running with scale. Frisbee, once seen as a niche sport, is now going all the way "mainstream".


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