Foshan builds standards with 15 Cantonese-style restaurants
Foshan China 2022-07-06 10:59

This month, Foshan kick-started the "Cantonese-style Restaurants Standardization Project", as the city has announced 15 restaurants to build industrial standards.



Upon the list, out of the 15 designated restaurants, more than 60%, with 10, are based in Nanhai and Shunde, as followed by Shunde. Chancheng is home to 3, while Sanshui and Gaoming has each on the list.



The project aims to provide good examples for the industry, with focus on food making and store management.



For culinary quality, the project seeks to lead more changes in Cantonese cuisine, in a way that promotes the culinary culture in the GBA and the world as a whole.



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