10 billion yuan to thrive local semi-conductor industry
Foshan China 2022-07-07 10:32

Foshan (Nanhai) Semi-conductor Seminar was held on July 5, to which over 200 experts from enterprises and institutes were invited.



On the spot, a batch of high-quality projects were signed up. As the local government attached great importance to local semi-conductor industry, a package of supporting policy and plan for long-term development were unveiled, marking a landmark achievement in this promising industry.


As planned, Nanhai government will invest 20 billion yuan in 5 years and 50 billion yuan in 10 years for R&D, talents introduction and financial support. Forseeably, Nanhai is expected to be a major base and cluster for semi-conductor manufacturing in Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area.


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