Sanlongwan Nanhai Area released its master development plan
Foshan China 2022-07-11 09:33

Recently, the master development plan of Sanlongwan Development Plan was released, and a number of key construction projects were launched at the same time. Sanlongwan Nanhai Area will strive to build Sanlongwan Science and Technology City, which will be fully completed by 2035. It will be built into a demonstration benchmark for high-quality development in Guang-fo area, a cooperation and exchange hub of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and a global oriented technology & innovation highland.




Create new technology brain and economic engine for the zone


As the “one city” in the high-standard construction of "One District, One Park and One City" in Foshan, the task of Sanlongwan Nanhai Area is to build a science and technological innovation highland with a deep integration of industry and city culture.


In overall development plan, the Central Science and Technology Innovation Zone, which bears the mission of developing artificial intelligence, digital economy and biotechnology, is regarded as a symbol of Foshan’s advanced productivity.


To promote the integrated development of industry, city and culture at a higher level


Centering around the overall objectives of the zone, and based on the characteristics of each section, Sanlongwan Nanhai Area makes systematic planning for Sanshan New City from five strategies, including Sanshan with well-developed transportation network, beautiful Sanshan, intelligent Sanshan, technological Sanshan and cultural Sanshan.


Well developed transportation network, beautiful ecological environment, comprehensive public supporting facilities...Sanlongwan Nanhai Area will usher in a higher level of the integration development of industry, city and culture.


Panshi, standing committee member of the CPC Nanhai said, Nanhai should continue to accelerate the promotion of major infrastructure projects in the area, introduce science and technology enterprises and gather a number of enterprises to truly build itself into a driving engine that leads scientific and technological innovation.


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