High-tech powerhouses settle in Chanxi Smart Manufacturing New Town
Foshan China 2022-07-11 09:54

Recently, Foshan LDL Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has settled in the Grater Bay Area Intelligent Manufacturing Nanzhuang Port (Xingtou Park) (hereinafter referred to as "GBA Intelligent Manufacturing Port"). Strategically, the three industrial parks in this area (Hefeng Park, Xingtou Park, Jili Park) are undergoing "industrial transformation". Since the investment promotion has started this March, GBA Intelligent Manufacturing Port has become a popular spot for investors.



According to Foshan LDL Intelligent Technologu Co., Ltd, the company will relocate to GBA Intelligent Manufacturing Port. A six-storey building (about 10,000 square meters) will be home to its headquarter, R&D center and exhibition center.


When the project settles, the annual output value is expected to reach about 500 million yuan. The project will further provide momentum to local "intelligent manufacturing" in Nanzhuang, in terms of employment, technology, industrial chain, and taxation.



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