Tanzhou Convention Center building an open service platform that drives digital economy development
Foshan China 2022-07-18 10:31

Recently, the Second Chinese (Foshan) Intelligent Robot Expo (hereinafter refers to as the “Expo”) was held at Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (hereinafter refers to as Tanzhou Convention Center), which lies in Sanglongwan Sci-Tech City.


Record-breaking numbers of participants in the final of World Robot Contest


The Convention Center was filled with a trend of innovation and inspiration from the Intelligent Robot Expo, the World Robot Consent Championship and the Annual Conference on Intelligent human-Computer Interaction during a few days of the Expo.


In the Expo, Qiao Yu stated that Foshan should give a full play to grasp the chance of shifting from traditional manufacturing into a more intelligent form, improve the effort and efficiency of supportive policy, and accelerate the process of applying the use of robot into real life.


Pan Dongsheng, the Deputy Secretary of Foshan Sino-German Industrial Service Zone and the director of Management Council, claimed “We hope to mobilize both up-and-downstream industry to settle in Foshan and Sanlongwan while we further explore the Robot industry into a larger, better and more powerful form ”. He also expressed that Sanlongwan will speed up the process of attracting and inviting investments for promoting the development of Robot Industry through this precious opportunity of holding the Expo.


The Deputy Director of Sanlongwan Management Council Zhang Yun also stated “Sanglongwan used the pattern of ‘Government supports, organization hosts’ to invite such robot pageant in Foshan, which will better fulfill the obligation of promoting production and attract more investment through convention”.


Shouldering the responsibility— Being the only agglomeration zone of conventional service industry


Recently, Tanzhou Convention published the service manual for Tanzhou Convention and Exhibition Center (2022 version) to pursue the goal of achieving standardization and informationization of service process in the life cycle service as a basis of promoting standardization of local convention.


Tanzhou Convention will enhance the development of digital convention, build the conventional service platform “Yizhantong” and do their best to implement the universalization of platform, quicker response for application of convention service.


Zhang Yun indicates that Tanzhou Convention Center plans to optimize the special supportive policy for convention, pays more attention on industrial convention and will be more supportive on environmental protection, agglomeration of market entities, talents introduction and supplement and reinforcement of conventional industrial chain, while we pursues to develop Tanzhou Conventional special supportive policy into a more professional, specific and distinctive special supportive policy for industrial conventions in the new policy circle.


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