Nanhai Foshan sees rice fields in harvest this July​
Foshan China 2022-07-20 10:42

Under the sunlight this July, with frogs and cicadas chirping, Nanhai Foshan has entered a harvest season of early rice. The sound of nature is echoing over the paddy fields.


In Xinhe Village, Shishan Town, pieces of paddy fields look like blocks on a color wheel.

Inside the hinterland of Dazhou Village, acres and acres of rice fields are just part of a country land that awaits you home.

In Zaogang Village of Lishui, vast rice fields look even more spectacular, as if a golden or green blanket were laying on the vast land.


In Shilian Community of Danzao, early rice field has covered an area of 306,666 square meters. You might find out some of the rice has grown taller than you.


Come to the Pingsha Island in Xiqiao, and you will see pieces of rice fields well matched with green hills and buildings in the distance.

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