Longxiang Bridge saw full connection from Chancheng to Shunde
Foshan China 2022-07-22 02:17
On the morning of July 20, the final prefabricated box girder was erected which means the Longxiang Bridge Chancheng and Shunde section is now completely connected. Longxiang Bridge Changcheng and Shunde section including Longxiang Bridge, Longpan interchange and auxiliary lane of Foshan First Ring Road starts from the main Longxiang Bridge and ends to Foshan First Ring Road.


According to introduction from Xue Lijia, the deputy manager of this project, there are tons of obstacles such as highway, gas line, high voltage cable while the project also has multiple dangerous construction objects which creates a risky, complicit construction site. Since the starting up of Longxiang Bridge Project, elites from China Railway Bridge Bureau had completely optimized the project, reinforced safety control of construction site, decreased the pollution level of construction state into the minimum level. Fortunately, there is no serious accident since the project started up.


Reportedly, Longxiang Bridge Project was rated as the role model project of 2021 Guangdong highway transportation”save construction site" on May. From now on, project will step into the bridge deck construction phase and blow the horn of finishing the whole project at the end of this year. When Longxiang Bridge project is done, it will build a line network to connect central urban area and accelerate the fusion of Foshan South Western area and central area. The construction of Longxiang Bridge has important meaning for driving Foshan economic development and building the Greater Bay Area.

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