ROOT, an inspiring story on screen in Foshan | My Foshan Story①
Foshan China 2022-10-03 12:07

In the harvest season in October, Foshan Media Group, Foshan News Network and Foshan Release launched a special series of micro stories. Based on 10 real cases of Foshan focusing on high-quality development, reform and opening up, rural revitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship etc., the stories have witnessed a revolution for Foshan’s new development philosophy.



Based on a true story in Foshan, the first episode takes Shi Tinghao as the prototype of the character, talking about a man’s struggle to start up an Orchid planting career and finally set up his own company in Foshan.



Shi said that in the past 14 years, he had witnessed the rapid development of Foshan and the GBA Area, and seized the opportunity to grow rapidly in Foshan.




The most important thing to grow Orchid is to find the right soil for its root. People grow just like orchids, only by finding the right place to take root can they have better development. The film uses "root" as the title and core theme of the micro film, implying the love for ones motherland is the deepest and most enduring sentiment in the world, and one will succeed in a certain area if he always stick to his dream.



Author | Eleaor

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