Foreigners share their China story 丨New Era in China ②
Foshan China 2022-10-21 11:42

This October, "New Era in China", a new series produced by Foshan News Network, will cover different stories of foreigners that live and work in Foshan . In this episode, Lisa from Russia, Peter from Germany and Amalya from Armenia shared their stories.


 Lisa from Russia is interacting with kids in the kindergarten


Lisa has lived in Foshan for 12 years. As a foreign teacher working for more than 5 years in China, she has witnessed the rapid development of Chinese education in recent years. She feels proud of making some contributions to the education and hopes that children can all fulfill their dreams.


Peter from Germany poses in a canteen with her wife

Peter is a restaurant owner who has been in China for 10 years. He loves to cook and try different kinds of food. After he was 45 years old, he opened a German restaurant in Foshan, hoping to share German delicacies with more people.


Amalya from Armenia travels in Dali, Yunnan Province with her family

Amalya is a fan of Chinese culture. After coming to China, her family traveled to many cities like Dali and Ningbo. She thinks that China does a good job in preserving historical sights. In the future, she hopes to travel around China and experience the charm of Chinese culture.


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