Taste Sanshui river food in this November
Foshan China 2022-11-18 21:25

Sanshui is a place where three rivers converge, and the fresh river food is the symbol of Sanshui food culture. Diners' favorite fish all come from this natural "fishing ground".

A large number of fishes thrive in Lubao Town, which is surrounded by Beijiang River and Lubao Chong, where Tanka people gather and fishing boats form a unique landscape.

In the morning, fishermen are casting their nets on Beijiang River.

In the afternoon, the fishermen came back from fishing and showed the fishes they had spent most of the day catching.

A couple of fishermen are fishing for shrimp on Beijiang River.

The chef is showing us freshly caught river food.

The river shrimps in Beijiang River are very tasty.

The large mussels of Beijiang River smells inviting and taste delicious.

Steaming method retains the maximum freshness of fish.

The reason why Sanshui river food is special is that it’s a combination of nature and humanity.

Author | Kya

Revisor | Eleanor, May