Chancheng to foster friendlier environment for kids
Foshan China 2022-12-02 20:17

In recent months, Chancheng, Foshan has mapped out tons of construction projects to build a friendlier environment for children. Guided by a consistent concept that children of all ages and grades have the rights to live, develop, be protected and get involved, tangible progress can be seen in these months.

As a key renovation project in urban areas that is currently under major headway, Foshan Park will be built with a children's theme park, which is expected to be opened this coming Chinese New Year. Following that, some other children-friendly educational bases will be unveiled, along with some family education research & learning routes in the city.

Chancheng: ‘Walking out of the Classroom’ Campaign

As Chancheng now puts efforts to building itself into a major capital of ceramic arts with the "Meitao Bay" Blueprint, local schools have included more educational resources for the kids. Master artists like Pan Bolin have brought classes into schools, and enhanced the understanding and love of pottery culture among all the children. For eight years in a row, "young commentator", a public welfare training class has been held by the museum to let kids interpret the pottery culture in their own languages.

Not just in Shiwan, other cultural venues including Ancestral Temple Museum, Lingnan Wine Culture Museum have tailored experience for kids to better explore the local Lingnan culture.

Win-win result: children and the city develop hand in hand

In Chancheng Nanhu Area, the brand-new stop for shared school bus has been under use. Supporting facilities like bus schedule, safety guardrail, rest seats and sun protection canopy have also been very well-thought to the benefits of local young students.

Quality secured for industrial supply for children

Recently, Chancheng has announced concrete action plans in children's clothes industry, as a part of the "children's economy". From nursing service, to quality products supply, Chancheng is taking the lead in improving the well-being for children in Foshan.

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