Shunde Enterprise Makes Debut as Foshan's First IPO of the Year
Foshan China 2023-05-22 17:00

On May 18, Guangdong Deerma Technology Company, a well-known electrical household appliance enterprise founded and based in Shunde District, was officially listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It became the first A-share listed enterprise in Foshan in 2023, symbolizing Shunde's pionner role in providing high-quality momentum towards achieving the city's annual economic goals.

Located in Beijiao Town of Shunde District, Deerma is an innovative household appliance enterprise depending on itself in the whole process of its development, including research and development, original design, production and sales. Founded in 2011, the company, benefited from its outstanding Internet operation and the high productivity of small home appliance, has been making tremendous effort in enhancing its innovation ability and promoting the brand going global.

In 2018, through the acquisition of Philips Water, the company has been actively exploring its global path and expanding the overseas market of both Deerma and Philips Water with the help of the latter's international influence and advantage of multi-category. Meanwhile, in terms of patent achievements, by February 28 this year, Deerma together with its holding subsidiaries has held a total of 1,494 major domestic patents and 19 major overseas patents.

With Deerma officially listed on the GEM, the strength of Shunde enterprises in the capital market has been further enhanced, with 40 listed companies in the district accounting for half of the listed companies in Foshan. In future, Shunde will continue to optimize the service mechanism of enterprises going public, encouraging listed enterprises to better regulate their management and fully leverage the capital market.

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Photo | Guangdong Deerma Technology Company