Citywalk in Foshan ② | Enjoy A Slow-paced Life in the Old Streets of Shunde
Foshan China 2023-09-08 16:37

Old streets often carry the deepest and longest cultural memories of a city. They witness the development and changes of a city's history, still preserving unique charm until today. In Shunde, Foshan, there are many old streets and historical spots awaits your visit. Let's step into the old streets in Shunde and experience the slow-paced life of the locals.

Jinbang Street: Savoring the flavor of the past

Located in Jinbang Community, Daliang Sub-district, Jinbang Street is a famous old street known for its vast variety of delicacies. The old houses with green-brick walls on both sides of the street were built in the 1970s and 1980s. Also on the street, local diners have remained for decades, where you can taste almost all the local specialties, including double-layered milk pudding, fish cakes, milk chips, fish skin, cream puffs, egg waffles, satisfying your taste buds as well as your appetite.

Strolling along Jinbang Street, you can experience the profound cultural heritage of Daliang while savoring the culinary delights in one of the world's Capitals of Gastronomy.

Ronggui Qinghuai River: A blend of the vintage and the modern

Nostalgic signboards, old houses, and murmuring streams make up the picturesque scenery of Ronggui Qinhuai River, where you can relax yourself and enjoy the tranquility.

Ronggui Qinghuai River is located next to Industrial Road. Old streets nearby are filled with vintage signboards and old houses. It has been a filming location for TV dramas such as My Dad is An Alien, Battle upon Chef, and Family with Kids and Elderly. Thus, it can be truly called the "waterfront movie street."

In addition to its beautiful environment, the vintage and harbor-style scenes of Ronggui Qinghuai River have become a popular destination for many young people to take photos. It's not exaggerated to say every corner is a perfect backdrop.

Come and immerse yourself in the vintage vibe!

Lunjiao 678 Cultural Street: Artistic and nostalgic

The 678-meter-long street, still preserving the old buildings constructed from 1960s to 1980s, has become a cultural cluster of various artistic boutiques and trendy diners.

Walking along the street, you can delve into the artistic atmosphere from the architecture and those special shops, without being overwhelmed by busy streets and the bustling crowds. Here, you can witness the changes and progress of the times in old buildings, escape daily bustles and enjoy leisure and tranquility. The nostalgia is in full bloom.

Huanglian Ancient Village: A millennium-old village with Lingnan charm

Take a leisurely stroll through the streets and alleys of Huanglian Village, where you can admire ancient buildings such as Cangju Temple and He's Ancestral Hall, while savoring delicious food and experiencing a cozily slow-paced life.

Here, you can step into the serene artist village and appreciate the beauty of art exhibitions, calligraphy, Chinese painting, and seal engraving. Also, you can visit Cantonese Embroidery Heritage Hall and Mini Dragon Boat Museum to experience the cultural charm of traditional intangible cultural heritage projects.

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