How it's made in Foshan ① | Galanz: Milestone of Foshan's Intelligent Manufacturing into Space
Foshan China 2023-09-22 12:42

On May 29, 2021, China's Tianzhou-2 cargo craft was successfully launched from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in Hainan. Accompanying the spacecraft was the world's first aerospace microwave oven developed by Galanz, which was used on the Chinese space station to provide astronauts with nutritious meals.

How impressive is the Galanz aerospace microwave oven? Are you familiar with this innovative microwave oven designed for space exploration? A reporter visited the R&D center of Galanz and interviewed engineer He Junhui to reveal the remarkable features and advanced structure of this cutting-edge appliance.


Innovative Technology Making Contributions to the Aerospace Industry

Compared with regular microwave ovens, Aerospace ones are smaller in size and have a tougher outer shell made of special aerospace aluminum to withstand high-frequency vibrations when the rocket ascends.

Galanz has improved the magnetron technology and integrated components to meet the unique requirements of using microwave ovens in space. Their aerospace microwave ovens have achieved super energy efficiency standards and can heat a meal for three astronauts in just 7 minutes with a low power of 600 watts. Through innovative processes, the lifespan of these microwave ovens in space can exceed ten years.

Repeated testing to ensure product reliability

He Junhui explained to the reporter that during the development process, multiple iterations of experiments are conducted. For instance, a seemingly simple experiment of opening and closing the door requires the aerospace microwave oven to undergo 100,000 cycles, taking a total of ten days.

"We conduct various experiments on all our products to ensure their reliability and meet industry standards," said He Junhui.

He Junhui and the aerospace microwave oven R&D team conducted continuous research and upgrades on the product. Also, they maintained close communication with the space center to check the usage condition of the aerospace microwave oven and ultimately successfully delivered the second aerospace microwave oven to the space station, providing cooking services for astronauts.

Data support to ensure food reconstitution

Astronauts on the space station can unlock up to 120 different delicacies with just a small microwave oven. In addition to its amazing technologies, Galanz also relies heavily on the powerful support of scientific and technological data.

The reporter visited Galanz's culinary center and experienced their daily work with Guo Jianxi, head of the culinary center. They demonstrated how to make popcorn using a microwave oven and weighed the completed and remaining food to ensure the microwave oven's uniformity and energy conversion meet the standards.

After conducting culinary experiments, the staff at Galanz's culinary center compile the data into a database. Through a series of food tests, they strive to enhance the consumer's eating experience when using household appliances like microwave ovens. This ensures that the food achieves optimal taste and texture, providing a higher level of authenticity.

One out of every three microwave ovens produced worldwide is manufactured in Galanz's factory. From being a household name in Foshan to even reaching the space, Foshan's intelligent manufacturing industry is entering the fast lane, injecting new intelligence into the future of technology.

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