Kung-Fu themed opera “Call of Duty” premiered in Foshan
Foshan China 2021-11-15 09:41


On November 11, the first national large-scale Kung-Fu themed Cantonese opera Call of Duty premiered at Foshan International Cultural and Sports Center (Foshan Qionghua Grand Theater).



As the imprint of times, the opera returns to the reality, telling the story of Qian Weifang, Liang Guihua, Wu Qin and other Hongsheng martial arts master on their devotion to protecting the safety of party members, and also on cooperating in the formation of the Chinese Communist Party in the early days.



The creativity of integrating Kung-Fu into the opera is the result of several years of efforts by Li Shuqin, director of Foshan Cantonese Opera Communication Academy, winner of the Plum Performance Award, and a famous Cantonese opera performing artist.



With the wonderful fighting plot, excellent singing skills of the actors and beautiful stage design effects, the performance attracted a large number of Cantonese opera fans and won rounds of applause.



Next, the Call of Duty will be promoted in the five districts of Foshan to make the "Kung-Fu themed Cantonese opera" go further. In the next step, the Call of Duty will also be presented in Beijing, so that the whole country can see the highlight moment of Foshan Cantonese opera.


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