How to make Chencun Rice Noodles? Here is the standard
Foshan China 2021-11-17 09:37

Started from this year, industrial standards were announced for Chencun Rice Noodles, one of the iconic snacks in Shunde. From November 25, traditional cooking techniques, dish styles and cultural implication behind it will be well protected in real terms.


Chencun Rice Noodles (Photo by Yang Fang, Zhujiang Bussiness)


Specifically, the standards cover ingredients, seasonings, cooking environment/techniques, sensory appeals, physical/chemical indicators, microbiological indicators, testing methods and inspection rules. 9 major producers were designated for producers to follow - rice selection, rice soaking, rice rubbing, refining, mixing, steaming, cooling, cutting and serving.


Chencun Rice Noodles, marked by its thinness, smoothness, and softness in taste, enjoys a history of a hundred years and has been listed as a district-level intangible cultural heritage in 2013. With this new standard announced, this traditional snack served in the market will become more original and renewed with more explorations.


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