LOL Mobile City Finals wrapped up in Xiqiao Foshan
Foshan China 2022-01-06 14:09

On January 3, the first League of Legends (hereinafter referred to as "LOL") Mobile City Final was wrapped up in Nanhai, Foshan. Hectic for two days straight, the game shortlisted 8 outstanding teams from 4 major arenas in China (浙江.OC、江西THG、河北JXT、浙江AB、辽宁JAM、河北JXY、杭州OC、四川FH and 海南FAC).



Added to the thrill of it all was the National Tournament of LOL Mobile. As it targets a massive amount of grass-root Chinese players, the game will pass on winners a passport to professional e-sports opportunities.


"Dare to Play": Grass-root background, professional standards


The game preceded with rounds of soaring applause and hand-claps. At last, Zhejiang. OC (浙江.OC) took home the champion at the boisterous Feihong Hall in Xiqiao Town (南海飞鸿馆). "Dare to Play", the slogan of the game well epitomizes a daring spirit.



Since the preliminary started last November, there have been over 300 games gathering 77,000 contestants from 84 cities. Here, one can see every walk of life - some are former LOL e-sports players, some strongly competitive gaming live streamers and more of them are grassroots with a passion for e-sports.


Nanhai, Foshan: when lion dance meets e-sports


Based in Nanhai Foshan, the arena has been fused with iconic local cultural elements. Stage design was a case in point. At Foshan Nanhai Feihong Hall, elements from LOL "Source Project" ("源计划"系列皮肤) have been combined with Foshan lion dance influence - a surrealism world of cyberpunk.




On the final night, 4 lions dotted with the classic LOL colors, blue and red, showed up in the launching ceremony. Guests were invited to use cinnabar pens to dip an "eye" on the two dance lions as if they had been "awakened", which indicated the kick start of the game.


A land of transformation: e-sport empowers digital economy in Nanhai


The holding of LOL Mobile City Final marked another landmark in the local e-sports industry in Nanhai, as it gave proof of Nanhais capacity to hold high-level e-sport events. Up next, Nanhai will step up its game to hold more high-standard e-sports events and build more nearby tourism attractions.


Nanhai Yingyue Cultural Center, the first e-sports gaming venue in Foshan


In August 2021, Huya Company settled in the Sanlongwan (Nanhai Area)


In December 2021, 8 e-sports giants moved in Sanlongwan (Nanhai Area)


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