Young man from Gaoming breakthroughs in water trapeze sports
Foshan China 2022-01-12 09:44

Surfing, kayaking, jet-skiing, and water-trapeze are becoming popular to the public and the traveling hot spots for many seashore cities worldwide. Many people have become fans of these water sports after trying.


In Gaoming, Zeng Junhao is the one who was attracted to try these trendy events seven years ago and started his journey becoming a water-trapeze player. With his effort and passion, Zeng grasped the techniques and has participated in many shows and competitions nationwide. Last year, Poseidon Flybord Co. Ltd was founded by Zeng and his teammates to bring surfing, and water-trapeze to Gaoming and have more citizens enjoy the fun of water sports.



The secret behind Zengs success


It has been an unforgettable experience for Zeng when starting the practice of water sports. He was born and raised in Genghe Town, Gaoming District, and has never been rebellious to do something wild. However, after getting to know the fantastic world of water-trapeze, he was deeply impressed by these free and challenging feelings and made a bold move.



Zeng firstly started practicing on his own. Without proper guidance from professionals, he could only learn from failures and falling. But love and passion gave him bravery and motivation to challenge and finally made breakthroughs. His water sports skills finally attracted attention from the media and won him more showcases and his family supports.


Breakthroughs from competitions


With support from the family, Zeng took the opportunity to accept more professional training in Sanya City and form a correct system to do water-trapeze. Meanwhile, he took time to learn and practice water-skiing, surfing, and more water sports, which has made him an expert.



The learning experience in Sanya has brought Zeng a group of friends sharing the same habits nationwide. They talk nonstop about water-trapeze, and they decide to form a team to participate in competitions. The team grasps every opportunity to learn skills and accumulate experience from competitors. Last year, Zeng finished 6th in the National Motorboat Open Championship, which has given him confidence for this years competition.


Growing with cultivation


Recently, many scenic areas have revealed some amusement events with water entertainment, which has provided great chances to the team. Zengs team creates different cool actions with heated elements or IP characters from the internet while collaborating with the firecracker factory to bring a stronger visual impact to audiences.



Now, Zeng has become a father of a 4-year-old boy, and he starts thinking about what water sport may mean to teenagers. Sports can cultivate teenagers physically and mentally. Zeng sincerely wishes that his boy will love water sports just like he does. In the future, he plans to design water sports courses for children over nine years old, which may help to prepare for future competitions in water sports.


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