Get these 5 gifts for a joyful new year holiday
Foshan China 2022-01-14 09:26

As the Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, a series of guidelines has been rolled out by the local government on January 11 to ensure the well-being of people who have been asked to avoid traveling during the upcoming holiday. The five gifts are as follows:


Subsidy for shopping

The local government is to send out 10 million yuan, offer free haircut service for 10,000 citizens and encourage at least 6,000 stores to provide discount.


Subsidy for traveling

The local government is to give away 100,000 tickets of scenic spots and develop more diverse cultural & tourism products.



Subsidy for entertainmentThe local government is to distribute 10,000 cinema tickets, bring cinemas to industrial parks, companies and construction sites. To organize New Year campaigns, parents-children activities and blind dates for singles, and ask more public cultural facilities to be open to the public without charge.Welfare for employees The local government is to send 10,000 New Year gifts and 1,000 Poon Choi (a kind of Cantonese casserole) to those who still work at their posts during the New Year holiday.Package of service The local government is to offer online training, skill upgrading subsidy, financial aids and other services during the holiday.



Please follow the Official Account of “佛山人才网” to access to more news about the “five packages” to be released soon.


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