100,000 yuan! Sign up for Foshan Composers Contest
Foshan China 2022-01-18 09:21

On January 15, the launching ceremony of the 1st Foshan Composers Contest was held. Talented composers of all ages from all over the world are welcomed to join the game.


Participants are required to compose pieces of music that combined western music elements with one of three national-level intangible cultural heritages, Bayin Gong and Drum (a folk music in Shunde), Shifan (a folk music in Foshan) and Guangdong lion dance included. Besides, they have to share their ideas and inspiration of their works.


Chaji Villagers performing traditional music. (Photo by Huang Heting, Foshan Daily)


To promote Foshan and thrive local culture from musical facet, well-renown musicians from China and beyond have been invited to be the judges in the contest. The outstanding works will be released by publishers in Netherlands and Italy.


 Master Liang Jiande is introducing Bayin Gong and Drum (Photo by Huang Heting, Foshan Daily)


The submission lasts from February to August this year. Through four rounds of selection, top 10 candidates will gain the access to the final, on which the first, second, third prize and other awards will be settled based on online voting and the professional’s opinions. Notably, the winners may have the chance to take home 100,000 yuan and prize-winning works to be shown in China from 2022 to 2023.


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