Try out dancing lion lollipops at these places
Foshan China 2022-01-21 09:22

Different kinds of cultural creation ice-cream from various Foshan scenic spot have gotten famous in 2021. People couldn’t help taking photos to record those amazing creations. As the new year comes, Foshan cultural creation lollipops freshly come into view to bring new surprises continuously.


Dancing Lion Lollipop from the Ancestral Temple



Under the inspiration of the stone lions in the temple, Dancing Lion Lollipop from the Ancestral Temple takes the shape of the lion, celebrating the Spring Festival sweetly with you all! The lollipop is crystal and its has different flavors, including watermelon, peach, strawberry and so on. In addition, by choosing isomalt as its ingredient, the lollipop would not cause tooth decay or blood sugar and insulin to rise. The outline of the lion can be seen clearly under the sun, with vivid expression, as if you can appreciate the taste of the ancient dancing lion culture by a bite.


Buyers guide: The Ancestral Temple exit — Foshan Youli Cultural Creation Shop


Dancing Lion Lollipop from Xiqiao Mountain




Foshan is not only the birthplace of the southern lion dancing, but also the hometown of famous kungfu masters. What will happen when we encounter dancing lion with kungfu moves?



The version 1.0 lollipop has passion fruit flavor, melon flavor and peach flavor. Also, isomalt was chosen to be the ingredient. Version 2.0, the first bone conduction creation lollipop which integrate the image of the southern dancing lion under the technology of bone conduction, is both good-looking and creative.


Buyers guide: 9.9 yuan each of version 1.0 and 39.9 yuan each of version 2.0. On sale in every off-line souvenir shop in Xiqiao Mountain.


Shiny Lollipop from Zhanqi Tower


Once the shiny lollipop from Zhanqi Building came into view, it amazed both the citizens and visitors. This cultural creation revivify details of the structure of the building. Pressing the button on the stick, you can see the light become colorful through the candy itself. Moreover, the raw material is natural, making the lollipop both healthy and tasty.



Buyers guide: 12 yuan each. On sale in the Yo Li Cultural Creation Shop in the Zhanqi Tower (turn left facing the Zhanqi Tower)



Visiting Foshan scenic spot, citizens and tourists can not only appreciate the view and history, but also the creativity and culture beneath. The cultural creation lollipop brings both the taste and Foshans thousand-year history.


Author | Lillian (Intern)

Revisor | Jersey