Wanna know local Kungfu legends? All at Foshan Kungfu Corner!
Foshan China 2022-02-09 09:31

The 2022 Foshan Kung Fu Corner Nanhai Special has officially opened, which was organized by the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, tourism and Sports of Nanhai, and co-organized by the Nanhai Wushu Association and its member units.


To enable people to participate in a variety of recreational activities, seven performances are held in the Foshan Kungfu Corner Nanhai Special from 16th January to 19th February. Kungfu Hall in different towns and streets were marshalled to deliver dragon and lion dance performances, Wushu (marital arts) training where youngsters are able to entertain in games.



The performance in the evening of 5th February showed various difficult lion dance skills and won the cheers of the audience. In the performance the lion brought back “Qing” (lettuce, onions and red packets tied together with red rope) with its mouth, meaning vividness and good fortune.



In the evening of 6th, the Chinese and Foreign Chau Ka Wushu Hall gave a performance in Nanhai Citizens Fitness Sports Park. The hall was founded by Deng brothers (two Wushu masters including Deng Botang and Deng Chitang) in 1956, located in Jiujiang, Nanhai, Foshan. It’s the protection unit of Foshans intangible cultural heritage project "Big Head Buddha" and the inheritance base of district-level intangible cultural heritage "Chau Ka boxing".


To promote development of excellent traditional culture, Nanhai proposed to create the brand image of "Nanhai Kungfu". Since 2017, Foshan Kungfu Corner Nanhai Special has been held for 5 years. There are 53 performances successfully held in 2021 to improve city image and strongly promote the integrative development of culture and tourism.


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