"Foshan Standards" staged at Times Square, New York City
Foshan China 2022-05-10 14:19

In honor of craftsmanship and work, a promotional video for "Foshan Standards" was staged this International Labor Day on a Times Square billboard in New York City. Aired by Foshan Bureau of Market Supervision, the commercial depicts, through a branded approach towards specialty products from Foshan, China’s strong commitment to "quality" manufacturing.



So what do "Foshan Standards" stand for? 

Historically, Foshan has built up a strong manufacturing foundation. As the only city in China designated with a mission to pilot reforms in manufacturing, Foshan now undergoes a critical transition from focusing on quantity to quality in the sector. Economically, Foshan no longer seeks growth from producing quality products for others, but rather develops its own local brands. 


How many "Foshan Standards" have been released for products? 


For the record, 30 "Foshan Standards" have been formulated in 8 major fields, like ceramics, sanitary ware, home appliances, plastics, and aluminum profiles. 126 products from 66 companies have passed the evaluation. Click here to know more. 

"Foshan Standards" also make guarantee for consumers. Those products certified with "Foshan Standards" offer 6 consumer-friendly policies: 1) no-reason products return; 2) advance payment; 3) product liability insurance; 4) brand promotion; 5) product promotion and 6) financing/loan support. Click here to know more. 


By 2025, Foshan is estimated to create more than 500 “Foshan Standards” products and reach a higher level of innovation and creativity. 


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